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So yesterday was a total bust. Leftover ice, crappy job interview, and worst of all, NO COMICS!

The ice wasn't that bad, but I probably would've made the trip to my LCS if everyone didn't act like there was a foot of snow on the ground. We had at best 2 inches, and there were a ton of accidents because I guess 2 inches is a dealbreaker. Psshh, Baltimore.

Nothing is worse than going to an interview where your potential employers (and probably the secretary/assistant)are fully aware that you are not qualified for the position. I'm so angry, my grammer is probably the worst right now. I won't disparage the company, but is it proper business etiquette to interview a person for a job and tell them that your showing up was a waste of their time??? I just sat there while the person interviewing me (who yes, shall remain nameless) just belittled me and my skills. It seemed like somethig he'd waited a whole week to do or something. He was actually smiling the whole time, and actually let out a chuckle!

So yeah, the title of this post says it all. The new year's starting out pretty great I guess. Ice sucks, back to the endless job search, this rant is over.
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