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belles_688 ([personal profile] belles_688) wrote2012-03-16 10:34 pm

For warmer weather

Since it's been so unusually warm out here on the East Coast, I've been taking to being outdoors more often (outside of work of course). The average temp is like 72 degrees now. It's a little scary because the local news has been threatening scary thunderstorms, but this is a really nice change from how creepy it looks out here in the wintertime.

One thing I'm most looking forward to is the drive-in movie theatre. It's takes a while to drive out there, but, they've already opened, and they're playing new movies already. This weekend they played John Carter, maybe they'll play it again next weekend, but I have yet to see it, and I'm not sure if it's worth seeing it in theatres. At least at the drive-in if one movie sucks, there are two more that are reasonably good playing after it, and it's all for the price of one. Just an idea for now.

Another idea, which may turn out to be a disaster, biking. I'd been looking to getting a new bike for a while, but was just to lazy to actually go out and look for one. A couple years ago, and brand new bike could be around $75. Today, I went window shopping for one, and the most reasonable price for a nice sturdy bike was......


That's not all, the store would like you to pay for a warranty for service. Guess how much extra.


Why does it seem like everyone has their hand out? I'm whining now, but I'll most likely end up paying for one anyway. You have unlimited use with a bike, and it doesn't require fuel.

Whining and rambling aside, I'm very excited about this spring Hopefully it'll lead to a very pleasant summer.