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September Considerations (So Far)

I'm still coming to terms with the DC relaunch in September. Particularly their decision not to include any JSA titles, but there are still some new #1's I'm interested in.

Action Comics #1 - Ok I'll give it a shot, but that costume better not be for real.

Aquaman #1 - I feel like I have to keep reading after reading Brightest day. I like Geoff Johns, not always, but he's been ok on Aquaman. This is one I'm mostly curious about, not excited about.

Batgirl #1 - I still disagree with the decision to have Barbara back in the cape and cowl again, but Gail Simone is a great writer and I don't think it will be as bad as it could be with another writer. Also, this title may be the only place I can see Steph, if Gail means what she says in this interview The current Batgirl series is one of my favorites, and it would've been nice for it to continue in a reboot, but Barbara as Batgirl could work, if temporary.

Batman #1 - No explaination, another curiosity thing, but this voids Batman: The Dark Knight #1. (sorry, but DC can't have ALL my money)

Batman & Robin #1 - I got really attatched to Damien during the current run of Batman & Robin. At first I had a deep hatred for him, then a tolerance, and now, well he's just gotten to me. So I just have to pick this up.

Batman Inc. #1 - Not sure yet, TBC.

Batwoman #1 - I can't drop this book, I don't think much will change with the reboot, and it'll be interesting to see how/if this Batwoman will interact with Barbara as Batgirl.

Birds of Prey #1 - I HATE the team. But again, curiosity could be my downfall. I know I won't stay with this title, but I'm at least giving the first issue a chance, just to see who's doing what, and how Black Canary's history has changed. There's a huge chance that she has a different origin, being the daughter of an original JSA member, which may not exist all together. I guess that's still another wait and see, until October, or later...

Blue Beetle #1 - YES!!!!! I was crushed when this was cancelled and it's coming back! *happy dance* Anyway, from the solicit, it looks like nothing's really been changed too much from his origin. Although it would be interesting if in this title, there was a little more Ted Kord action.

Catwoman #1 - This is still a maybe, but I'm interested in which variation of Selina Kyle they're going with.

Detective Comics #1 - If this falls short, then I'm just sticking with my two previous Batman titles. Again, TBC.

Green Lantern #1, Green Lantern: The New Gaurdians #1, Green Lantern Corps #1 - I love the GL Corps, and even though a LOT of these characters might be changed, I can't turn my back on them. Not even a subpar summer film coming up, I'll always be hooked into the Green Lanterns.

Justice League #1 - This is akin to my Green Lantern fix. With no JSA, I'll probably be more interested in this JLA book, even if Cyborg is in it.

Justice League International #1 - This is another title I was really excited to see, no question. What's sketchy is that Batman is on two JL covers. Hmmm....

Mister Terrific #1 - This gets back to the JSA issue. How could there be a Mister Terrific title, if there's no JSA to inspire him? I mean one of the reasons he's Mister Terrific is because of a JSA MEMBER! This may be an opportuinty to introduce the team to the new DCU, but if it isn't I've always thought Mister Terrific was kinda cool, and it's kinda cool to see him get a series.

Nightwing #1 - This is the Dick Grayson I like best. I never really could get used to him being Batman, and it's so cool to see him get back into being Nightwing.

Red Hood & The Outlaws #1 - Now this one is just pure curiousity. I don't really care too much for the characters on the cover, but I wonder who else could be involved. I see Roy with 2 arms, so I'm hoping this means Lian could be present in this reboot. It's not that likely, but hey, it's positive thinking.

Static Shock #1 - This has always been an interesting character to me. Not sure how long this will last, but they've got me for issue #1.

Superboy #1 - The cover is really confusing to me. Is he a clone becoming a cyborg, or a cyborg becoming a clone? What's going on? The main phrase that popped out at me was 'failed experiment'. Either way, I'm going to have to read it to really find out.

Supergirl #1 - To start with, I don't like this costume to well. Well the bottom half of the costume anyways. I thought the new trend was pants? Anyways Supergirl is another great character, and I'm interested to see what she's like this time around.

Superman #1 - Why not?

Teen Titans #1 - This is a huge maybe. I hate just about everything about that cover, the only character making me want to read this is Kid Flash. I think that's Bart. It stinks I have to read it to really find out.

The Flash #1 - Yeah, this is another why not. I like the Flash, but "rising superstar" Francis Manapul has got to step it up and make this an interesting title.

The Savage Hawkman #1 - Again, another JSA tie in to me. I'll stick with it for a couple issues.

Wonder Woman #1 - This may be a title I actually stick with, Wonder Woman is another great character, and the solicit doesn't look too bad.

That's it for now. There were some #1's I just couldn't consider flipping through, and some (Suicide Squad) that just got a HELLLLLLLLL NO from me.

I know I'm going to be dropping a lot of these titles after the first issue, but they're still getting a shot. Besides, there may be more #1's in October, or November, or anytime in 2012. Until then, there's Flashpoint, which is meh so far.

Man, I've really got to get back into Marvel.