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belles_688 ([personal profile] belles_688) wrote2011-06-10 12:43 am

Graduations and Enrollments

While most people will be graduating this month, I've just enrolled.

I've never started a course in summer, even though everything's online, it's weird. And online courses take forever for me to finish between waiting for shipments and distractions, and job hunting. Seems like I'll be in school forever. I'm hoping to get a masters and I've just changed majors from Computer Technology to Finance/Accounting. Learning more about the IT field was great, but I've always but curious about financial management. It's pretty exciting, aside from finding a volunteer proctor, getting back into school makes the job outlook a little more promising.

It should hopefully distract me from this DC reboot, which, aside from a few titles, is a disaster. Still no word on a JSA #1, looks like there may not be one after all. No more Secret Six either. Marvel is starting to look better again with every new reboot announcement.